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Related article: Date: Monday, February 2, 2004 February 23. 52 -0800 ( PST ) From: lrgmouthbass2000 yahoo. com ~ ~ V Subject: get the best massage For many years I had an appointment with Roger stranding. Roger gave the massage best I ever had. I had used before many women and men and certainly was the best. Roger, that 's when I always felt that is large. It was small, only about pounds 5'4 "and 160, but had strong hands great technique. A few months ago I wrote to Roger, had to cancel Preteen Model Pictures our appointment on Friday , but that would make me a special event on Sunday, even , but it was his day off. Before answering it sent on the screen of your names in my address book and in my Messenger List. Preteen Model Pictures to my surprise, he was on the line, even after 1 :. clock 00 and was in line, I just sent him an IM, he said, and we agreed that the time of Sunday \\ \\ n the date messaging spent half an hour and asked if he could only.. tell me personally. I thought, Preteen Model Pictures this man is finally going to say a me, he's gay (containeded that after only a few dates years). I said "sure " after everything we had been friends for years. that had half an hour together every month for 15 years. that was longer than many people who are as close friends. We had talked about everything, but he always avoided their relations y sex and I had not pressed his private life. was still higher than what he would say, when " I'm gay Preteen Model Pictures " appeared on the screen. I wrote " know" and explained that he had for years and why. was accepted and facilitated. He had thought he would lose as a client and a friend. In this Sunday, and from that moment he was much more relaxed and I realized, was gradually growing bolder each appointment. He seemed to spend time much more in my ass and my dick in the neighborhood. Then he began to dip close and rubs hard cock obvious to me whenever he could. I was a married 48-year -old man who had never experienced any sexual men , but he had fantasies aboutCock sucking and had always wondered how it felt and tasted like I was on the receiving end. So if Roger began his physique did not mind, I found it fascinating. One night, while chatting online, he admitted that he had a "few " knock beers. That must have settled a bit, because for the first time n to what had actually brought. He thanked me for letting him " be less professional. " I told him I did not care and told her about my fantasies. In our next meeting very light shorts and Roger when he began was, I could see I had to contain any underwear on his dick very hard as , stood before him. He was standing on my head while on the table, shown below. When she reached my lower back could feel his cock to my cheek, rubbing his cock and down my check and I feel my cock growing stiff. He finished and went to work my legs to be way in the ass and started a couple of times to run his thumb covered with oil in my virgin hole. I,I could explode and no I do if over roller. I was embarrassed, but I did what I said and now my dick created hard. He seemed to ignore it and ended my legs. Roger moved around the table and began my chest. Up reach my stomach muscles again his penis was now literally in my cheek in my the nose and I fell with a wet spot on his shorts and I could smell the No sweet smell of precum. seemed to be there for ten or fifteen minutes, and finally I could not ignore long, my desire. I turned my head and made him his throbbing bar rubbing against my mouth. I just opened my mouth and let them put cotton covered member in my mouth. It was not long before he fell pants and shoved his cock into my eager mouth. The first hint of cock s on my tongue was certainly delicious. The soft head and then is a few inches of the shaft drive. I could not believe I did. I could not believe how much I liked it. A few centimetersand was now in the back of my throat. It s retired, but gagged when it reaches a full level of his donkey inches and pulled him had been taking a handful of vitamin pills and protein for years and knew how I was going to relax throat. This time I took a s all over it. Although he was small he had to swallow at least three inches rooster, and he seemed surprised, but happy that I can. began moving slowly and rhythmically in time with a CD that we plays during the message. I could prove that the clear liquid is expected soon sperm taste. I thought it would be bad because not many women including my wife is not boring, but this was of liquid gold. I could not wait to Preteen Model Pictures hit the mother load. After about ten minutes stopped. The cold see the question in the eye and said, "next to time - I'd like something else to do now that you're playing," said if you like as often as I like your cock in my mouth certainly ' m. is moved to the end of THand the table at my feet, according to REACH and something unlocked. The end of the table collapsed under my ass. Instinctively up my knees to your chest and then realized what he do. Roger reached into a closet and pulled out a small bottle and squeezed the liquid into the tip Preteen Model Pictures of your finger. He moved a little so that the fingers in my ass and I felt really good. After a few dozen shots, he added, more lub hand, and I felt two fingers to slip or not crowded and there are better. I was loosening and driving deeper and that he escaped in a trance of pleasure. After a pause in the action, I close my eyes and thought it was go for a third finger, but he had beautiful cock lubricated and now the head of the s was a blow on the door. When he fell on his head knew it was is not a finger. A stroke of one inch to two inches in the second race and so on up to eight inches thick tested in the interior. When started, take a long time hard strokes I could feel every blow all the way to my cock likI was s stroked my car. Suddenly, I was pumping sparkling streams of cum on my chest and stomach. While Roger leaned over and sucked every last drop of my chest hair. I stopped seeing her when the last drop of his penis seems to two times bigger then the beating she said she was filled with his own sperm. as Rogers was driving that day I thought, I have to work hard this days that I deserve one message every two weeks, maybe a week.
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